While physical education has been drastically cut back across the country, Naperville Central High School, in the Chicago suburbs, has embraced a culture of fitness, with dramatic academic results. 

We are considering this video the the book Spark as we plan the RTI for our district and what our schedule will look like in the future.

revolutionizeed: has put together a program to train teachers on the benefits and the general process of creating a flipped classroom!  Thinking of signing myself up, although I’m already in the process of flipping one of my classes and I’ve flipped in the past.

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Dropbox Unveils Incredibly Simple Two-Click File Sharing

To share a file, simply right-click on the item or folder in your desktop Dropbox, and click ‘Get Link.’ That’s it. The link can then be shared by any means—emailed, texted, tweeted, whatever—to give others access to your files, even if they don’t use Dropbox.

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OMG…this is great!

Dropbox is awesome!!